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4 Easy Steps to get high quality dental service in Turkey

How We Work?

We invite you to Antalya, for a reliable, comfortable and high-quality dentistry
with 70% cheaper prices compared to Europe and USA.

Get Free Quote

Our experienced consulting team reviews the information that was given to them and prepare a treatment plan for you with a quotation and send it to you.


Travel Planning

Laura Dental Center is based in the centre of Antalya. We can search for the cheapest flights on your behalf and email you the details once we know your potential travel dates or you can make your own travel arrangement.


Treatment Planning

We will start with X-ray & Consultation session with the doctor and preparing treatment plan being agreed on then we’ll start your treatment within the same day.


Enjoy Your Holiday

We invite you to come and experience the richness of Turkish culture during your visit to paradise. You can enjoy your holiday and get all your dental treatments done at the same time.

Get High Quality & Affordable Prices in all dental treatments

Dental Treatments

Smile Design, Dental Veneers, All on 4, All on 6 Dental Implant Turkey

Premium Dentistry in Antalya

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Why Should I Choose Antalya for My Dental Treatment?

We invite you to Antalya, for a reliable, comfortable and high-quality dentistry
with 70% cheaper prices compared to Europe and USA.

First of all, Antalya, which is the most important tourism city of the world, offers you a unique holiday pleasure with its sea, sun, heavenly beaches, history, natural beauties and limitless activities. Thanks to its unique location, hotels that render high-quality and outstanding services which satisfy all kinds of desires, restaurants that open their kitchens in order to allow you to experience the most delicious foods of Turkish cuisine and opportunity of having direct flights from each European country almost throughout entire year, Antalya is a centre of attraction for the Turkish Tourism that is indisputably the preeminent in the international service sector. You can enjoy the sea and sun, get lost in the narrow historical streets of old town of Antalya at Kaleici or you can treat yourself with shopping centres where you can easily find all kinds of products and participate in colourful nightlife of this city that never sleeps aside from your dental treatment at our clinic. While our clinic personnel take care of your treatment, they will also assist you in exploring the city. Please note that you are our guest while you are present at our clinic for your dental treatment.

Laura Dental Center has the mentality and vision to provide superior quality, reliable, guaranteed and sustainable treatment with pleasant service provision having the principle that your smile is our smile, by combining modern equipment and the equipment gained in digital age for dentistry. Having this approach, specialized dentist and personnel pay maximum attention to their personal development and follow up scientific developments closely and put in their best efforts to provide high-quality service to our guests.

Laura Dental Center is a dental treatment centre which has included all components of digital technology in its body since the day of its establishment and which has benefited from all advantages of modern age and which continues with its activities having a vision to provide superior service quality to its patients.

In this context at our centre all digital technologies are used by a specialized dentist and personnel and they provide most reliable and high-quality treatment to our patients in the fastest way. Besides providing quality, reliable and fast dental treatment to our guests coming to our center mainly from United Kingdom, European countries, and United States of America and from all around the world from all continents, our customer relations team provides services for 24 hours on 7 days to meet all transfer requirements and other needs of our guests in relation to their treatment planning, flight, hotel accommodation, VIP service at the airport, and treatment process at our clinic.

All dental treatments at our centre are realized by personnel specialized in their field and they provide services ranging from dental implant treatment to all kinds of aesthetic applications, from zirconium crowns to dental bleaching, and Hollywood smile with digital smile design support.

Why Should I Have My Treatment at Laura Dental Center?

Our clinic and personnel have been successfully providing high-quality treatments with a guaranteed and sustainable format to our patients from abroad for over 20 years. It will be a privilege for you to benefit from this experience.

I Want to Have My Dental Treatment Done at Laura Dental Center. What Should I Do for This?

You can contact our clinic’s patient relations unit from the contact information section of our clinic, through applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, from social media accounts or by phone. Our representatives have the knowledge, experience and equipment to meet all your needs.

What are the Warranty Conditions Regarding My Treatment?

This is an issue that we, as Laura Dental Center, carefully consider. While giving you a high-quality and sustainable treatment, we also attach great importance to warranty conditions in order to protect you. In the documents that will be given to you when you first come to our clinic, there will be all the details of the warranty terms, validity years, and the items that are within the scope of the warranty and not. The guarantee certificates of the implant and the crown bridges to be made will be shared with you in a very transparent and clear way. Again, at the first moment you come to our clinic, you will be presented with a plan including your medical history and all the treatments to be performed, and a copy will be given to you while a copy will be recorded in our clinic.

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