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Dental Bleaching
The ultimate luxury experience

Dental Bleaching

1 day

Teeth-colouring beverages such as cigarettes, tea and coffee, which are frequently preferred today, cause aesthetically unpleasant images on the teeth. This problem, whose treatment is very simple and fast, is treated with the Zoom Whitening System in our clinic. With the Zoom Whitening System, which is indisputably the world’s best in its field, it is very easy to achieve 4 or 6 colour tones in approximately 40 minutes. This system, which works with its completely patented technology and different working principle, has been applied to many of our patients in our clinic for years and has brought new smile to our patients who have regained their white teeth.

Will One Session be Enough?

It depends on the person’s tooth structure. In some cases, one session is sufficient, in some cases two sessions are sufficient.

What Should I Do After the Treatment?

It is necessary to reduce the use of tea, coffee, and cigarettes. Hygiene is very important. It is necessary to brush the teeth after the main meals.

Is Dental Bleaching Permanent?

It is not a permanent treatment. It can be used up to 2 or 3 years if oral care is good.

Are There Any Side Effects of Dental Bleaching?

If it is done by an experienced dentist, there are no side effects. It is made to whiten teeth and make them shine more.

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