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Digital Dentistry
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Digital Dentistry

1 day

The use of dental appliances or technologies that incorporate computer-controlled components instead of using mechanical or electrical tools to perform dental procedures called digital dentistry. Digital dentistry not only makes dental procedures advantageous but also more effective than using mechanical tools. Digital dentistry is used as a new way to facilitate dental treatments and fulfil increasing patient’s requests.

How is CAD-CAM Application Made?

It is the preparation of the tooth to be restored in the mouth at the beginning of the treatment. Then, images scanned from the patient’s mouth with an optical camera are recorded directly on the device. The design of the most suitable prosthesis for the patient is prepared by using special software on the computer. Afterwards, the restoration is manufactured with a special turning device and placed in the patient’s mouth. The CAD-CAM application, which enables the exact three-dimensional measurement of the tooth, has provided the advantage of designing by taking photos with a special camera. This method, which enables the full-size measurement of the tooth to be taken, reveals a structure suitable for the tooth in a few minutes, and thus the desired crowns can be applied to the patients without any problems.

To Whom is CAD-CAM Treatment Recommended for?

This method is recommended for people who have nausea reflex during measurement and for people with heavy workload who do not want to waste time in fitting stages. In this way, they can achieve the restorations they desire in one day.

What are the Advantages of Digital Dentistry?

It has minimized the risk of dentist or technician-related failure and infection during traditional measurement system. Thus, it substituted the traditional measurement system. It has increased the success and aesthetics of implant treatments and shortened the treatment period.

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