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Dental implant is the treatment where the implant is placed in the jawbone with an operative procedure before zirconium or ceramic crowns or prostheses placed on them, and thus aesthetics and function are restored in cases where there are one or more or all tooth deficiencies. X-ray examinations are performed with a detailed dentist control for our patients who come to Laura Dental Center for implant treatment.

The treatment phase is started after pre-treatment photographs and detailed medical histories are taken from our patients and in-depth details are determined for implant treatment. All implants applied in Laura Dental Center are globally accepted, quality standards are marked and implants with the highest success rate in dental implants. For your treatment, our expert maxillofacial surgeons plan all the details for the operation to be done painlessly. The operation is performed under local anaesthesia, and after your operation, our assistant will meet all your needs by accompanying you after the treatment as well as before the treatment. In this process, our assistant personnel will look after the advice given to you by our dentist and your prescribed medications, if any. Our patient relations personnel will organize your appointments, transfers and all other details for the procedures related to your dental treatment. All you have to do is enjoying your vacation.

All On Four Implant

All on 4 implant systems are successfully performed in our centre as an alternative to removable prostheses in all tooth deficiencies, regardless of the lower jaw or upper jaw. Prostheses screwed on 4 implants placed in the entire edentulous jaw restore aesthetics and function to our patient. Prostheses fixed in the mouth by Laura Dental Center dentist are used in a healthy way for years without being removed.

All On Six Implant

Just like in all on 4, we provide aesthetics and function with crowns or prostheses, with support from 6 implants placed on the jawbone, regardless of the lower and upper jaw.

Can Implant Be Applied to Everyone?

Implant application can be applied to people whose jawbone is suitable by the specialist dentist of our centre, by evaluating 2D panoramic film and 3D tomography. In patients whose bone condition is evaluated as insufficient, their jawbone is supplemented with bone powder so it can be applied to any patient with good general health, except who have some general diseases or ongoing treatments and whose dental treatment is not considered appropriate by their dentist.

I Have Heard that There Are Many Brands for Implant Treatment. Which Brands Are Used in Your Clinic?

Since we, as Laura Dental Center, have a very high-quality, safe, sustainable and guaranteed treatment idea for our patients, we prefer Straumann Group implant systems, which have been the highest-quality in the dental implant industry for years, in order not to leave your health to chance. In our clinic, Straumann Group implants are determined by our maxillofacial surgeons, and then the most suitable aesthetic solutions are planned by our prosthesis dentist.

How Long Does the Implant Treatment Take?

After your necessary examinations are made, implant treatment is performed by our maxillofacial surgeons in our special treatment rooms, which are prepared and provided with the highest standards of hygiene and disinfection by the expert personnel of Laura Dental Center. The implant surgery process is performed under local anaesthesia and is completed painlessly in an average of 15 minutes.

What should I Do After My Implant Treatment?

First of all, after your operation performed by our expert dentist, our assistant, who has received special training in this regard and will help you from the beginning to the end of your process, will arrange all your needs, starting from the pre-treatment to the end of the treatment. In general, it will be sufficient not to eat anything for 2 hours after the operation, not to consume excessively hot and cold foods during the day, to apply cold presses to the operation area and to continue your medication given by your dentist. Our patient relations representative will be in constant contact with you at our clinic or at the hotel you are staying at.

Is Implant Treatment Painful?

Since implant treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain during the operation. Any pain that may occur after your treatment can be easily stopped with painkillers containing Paracetamol or Ibuprofen given by our specialist dentists.

How is Dental Implant Care Made?

Implant care is one of the most important issues to be considered by our patients after the treatment. Regular and proper daily brushing and flossing are very important. In addition, regular oral and dental care checks should not be neglected.

How will My Implant Treatment Process Be?

Implant treatments generally consist of two stages. In the first stage, the implant is placed and are expected to fuse to the jawbone for approximately 2-3 months. Afterwards, necessary and previously planned prostheses or crowns are attached to the implants. After contacting our Laura Dental Center patient relations representative for your treatment, our representative will send all your photographs and panoramic x-rays, if any, to our specialist dentist and prepare a treatment plan for you. Within this plan, all your treatments, hotel accommodations, airport pick-ups, local transfers and all your appointments are arranged. After your implants are placed, re-appointment will be given to you 2-3 months later, and your prosthesis or crowns will be attached in the second stage. During this period, while you continue your holiday, you will also have healthy and new smile.

What Can be Done If Level of My Jawbone is not Sufficient?

If it is determined that your jawbone is not sufficient for your implant treatment during the examinations made by the specialist dentists of Laura Dental Center, our dentist make the bone ready for the implant by adding bone meal, known as graft and membrane application. In this way, implant application can be performed successfully.

How are Implant Treatments Applied to Patients with Diabetes?

Diabetes does not prevent implantation. In the blood glucose tests requested by the dentists of Laura Dental Center, if your blood glucose level is not very high and you have an optimum oral hygiene, your implant treatment will be performed successfully as it is done for every patient.

Am I Be Toothless After the Treatment?

After an average of 1 week from the surgery, the sutures are removed and the normalization process begins. After conditions such as swelling, oedema, and stitches in the mouth, if the surgeon approves, temporary prostheses are applied to patients who have no teeth. Temporary bridges can also be made in patients with 1 or 2 missing teeth. These are only for similar activities like speaking, laughing to continue in a healthy way. Solid foods are not suitable for consumption. Temporary prostheses are used for a temporary period until the union of the implants is completed and fixed dental prostheses are made.

How Long Does It Take to Complete These Processes? How Many Times Do I Have to Come to Turkey? What Kind of Treatment Will Be Done on My First and Second Visits?

For an experienced surgeon, the average application time of 1 implant is 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, there are waiting periods required for the continuation of the treatment. The implants are expected to union with the bone in an average of 3 months in the upper jaw and 2 months in the lower jaw, and coatings are applied on them. If additional procedures are applied because of thin or insufficient bone (bone grafting, sinus lifting, etc.), the waiting period may be extended up to 6 months. The different metabolic diseases that vary from patient to patient may cause changes in these periods too.

What is the Lifetime and Warranty Coverage of These Implants?

When the terms of use of the implants are followed, the average life cycle in a well-cared mouth is lifetime. Although the warranty period varies between clinics, the average said period is lifetime. In this process, clinics may change implants free of charge with 1 or 2% probability. If the high-quality implant used, an experienced surgeon performed the procedure, and the conditions of planting the appropriate implant to the right bone at the right angle are met, it is almost impossible to experience any negativity. However, you should make sure that you comply with the terms of use and warranty coverage specified at the beginning of the treatment. In addition, when you have an implant, do not forget to take the implant passport with the warranty certificate, serial number and diameter aspect ratios of the implant.

Is It Common for Implants to Break and Fall Out?

Implant dental treatment is artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone in order to complete the missing tooth in one or more tooth losses. It is produced from Titanium material, which has been used for many years, and it is fully compatible with the body (biocompatible) and tissue-friendly. The bonding and durability of titanium to bone is very good. After the implant is placed, it fuses with the jawbone and becomes a part of the body and can be used for a lifetime. In this process, it is very important to follow the rules set by your surgeon for the treatment process and after. If the high-quality implant used, an experienced surgeon performed the procedure, and the conditions of planting the appropriate implant to the right bone at the right angle are met, it is almost impossible to experience any negativity.

What are the Crowning Alternatives Used on the Implant?

As well as the quality and durability of dental implants, the usefulness of the teeth to be placed on them, their compatibility with the implants and of course the aesthetic appearance are also very important. Metal-supported porcelain veneers are generally preferred for implant tops. This is due to durability, flexibility and compatibility. However, zirconium crown can also be preferred as an on-implant crowning in the anterior area. The fact that the abutment to be used in such cases is also made of zirconium completes the aesthetic appearance. In addition, removable prosthesis methods on implants can be preferred in patients who suffer complete edentation. These situations are applied in cases where patients prefer methods that performed by applying fewer implants to the upper and lower jaws due to various reasons (financial situation, bone deficiency, disease, etc.).

How Many Implants Do I Need?

You may need a minimum of one and a maximum of 16 implants. After your x-ray is examined, the exact number will be decided by our specialist dentists.

Which Brands are Used?

We are using Straumann, Zinedent, Medentika, Ankylos.

Is There any Chance of My Body Rejecting the Implant Treatment? What is the Success Rate?

The success rates of the implants we use are 98% and above.

What is Bone Graft/Sinus Lifting? What Will I Do If I Need It? What if My Bone is Inefficient?

Bone grafting is the process of bone meal reinforcement to the jawbone. With the sinus lifting process, bone meal is supplemented to ensure that the entire implant is inside the jawbone. This prevents the implant from planting into the sinus cavity. In some cases, short implants suitable for bone length can be used with the recommendation of the dentist.

Can the Implant Treatment be Done After Tooth Extraction?

If there is no infection in the extraction area and the bone level is sufficient, tooth extraction and implant can be performed in the same session. If there is an infection in the extraction area, it may be necessary to wait around 2 months to implant after tooth extraction.

I Was Told That I Need Sinus Lifting, What is Sinus Lifting?

It is the process of adding bone meal to the cavity formed by positioning the sinus area that drops down to where it should be. After this process, the mentioned area will be ready for implantation.

Why Should I Have the Implant Treatment in Turkey?

We offer affordable solutions without compromising the quality of materials or the expertise of Dentists and Oral Surgeons. Both Straumann and Sirona command high prices across the UK, Europe and the USA and are often seen as unaffordable. in Laura Dental Center not only you get better prices but you also get better materials.

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