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Smile Makeover
The ultimate luxury experience

Smile Makeover

5 days

Based on the logic that a beautiful smile is the most important part of communication, the concept of aesthetic dentistry has showed up.

Personally designed smile makeover treatment has been the most applied treatment method to our patients in our clinic in recent years. The number of patients who are dissatisfied with their smile, the colour and shape of their teeth or the presence of missing teeth and who want to have the smile and white teeth they want is increasing day by day. As Laura Dental Center, our professional team firstly takes intraoral photographs and videos of our patients who applied to our clinic where we organize digitally with a special planning and structuring. For this purpose, our rooms have been specially designed with all the comfort of our patients. The data are processed by our teams, and after certain facial proportions are combined and shaped with patient-specific details by our specialist dentist, they are presented to the patients and their relatives in our presentation rooms.

Meanwhile, every step is planned, from what kind of smile and image will be formed after the treatment to the colour details. The patient’s requests are also considered, and after that the treatment stages are started. Since the treatment will take about 5-7 days, the temporary teeth are prepared in approximately 1 hour and adapted to the mouth.

What is Smile Makeover?

It is the evaluation of the smile that includes detailed aesthetic analysis, in which the relationship between a number of aesthetic criteria such as lips, gingiva and teeth.

What are the Most Important Factors in Smile Makeover?

The relationship between factors such as lip level, length of teeth, gingival level, tooth colour, tooth alignment, the harmony of lips and teeth when we laugh, and the laugh line have great importance in aesthetic smile makeover.

How is Smile Makeover Done?

In smile makeover treatment, the aesthetics of the area formed by the teeth (white aesthetics) and the aesthetics of the area formed by the gingiva (pink aesthetics) are evaluated. For this purpose, first of all, the level of the gingiva and which teeth will be included to the makeover should be evaluated on the photograph. Afterwards, the teeth-gingival-bone levels of the teeth are examined clinically and radiographically. Then the treatment plan is clarified.

What are the Laser Applications in Smile Makeover?

When smiling, the level of the gingiva and their symmetrical appearance are as important as the appearance of the teeth. At this point, it is necessary to intervene in the gingiva, preferably with a laser. If only the intervention on the gingiva is sufficient, the procedure can be performed with a diode laser. But if a more advanced arrangement is required, a solid tissue or combined laser device is required. Solid tissue lasers are also more preferred for post-treatment comfort.

Do I Have to Have My Teeth Trimmed and Veneered?

It is not always necessary to trim and veneer for smile makeover. Generally, your aesthetic expectations can be met with easier and more protective methods such as composite laminates, bonding, recontouring or dental bleaching.

In How Many Sessions is Smile Makeover Done?

The number of sessions may vary depending on the treatments to be performed according to the current condition of the patient. The treatment can sometimes be completed in a single session and sometimes in a few weeks.

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