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How Do We Work?

From the moment you contact our patient relations representative for your treatment at Laura Dental Center, you are now our guest. Your representative will help you with your treatment planning and the organization of all your appointments for treatment and all your needs, from communication with our dentist to your hotel accommodation, transportation services from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the Laura Dental Center.

The first thing you should do after contacting our representative is to share your panoramic film or intraoral photos, if any, with our representative. Our representative will forward your complaints to our dentist and prepare your treatment plan. In the meantime, you can talk to our representative about every detail you want to ask or want to learn.

After your treatment planning is completed, you will be informed about an approximate pricing for your treatment costs. Although this price is an average price, the net price is determined as a result of detailed examination by our specialist dentist working in our clinic. Therefore, the more information (photographs, panoramic x-rays, etc.) you share with our representative, the more accurate the treatment pricing will be.

After the treatment planning and pricing stages, your appointments are planned together with your flight and hotel details. Our representative can also give you a whole package upon your request, or if you are going to organize your own organization, it can also make a pricing with only transfer and treatment options.

After your flight details are set, you will be greeted at the airport with a VIP service. Your treatment process will begin after our expert personnel arranges all your transfers and treatment appointments. In the meantime, our clinic will carry out all your transfers.

Upon successful completion of your treatment, you will be given a detailed document. This document will contain your treatment details such as the guarantee of your treatment and the terms of warranty. It will be a great source of happiness for us to send you off to your country with a happy and new smile after your treatment and holiday.