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Zirconium Crowns
The ultimate luxury experience

Zirconium Crowns

5 days

As a developing technology product, zirconium constitutes a very important part of aesthetic dentistry. It is an aesthetic material that is especially preferred in our clinic, as it does not contain any metal, gives very white effects and has a very high durability.

As Laura Dental Center, we take intraoral photographs and videos before the treatment, as in all aesthetic treatments we will apply to our patients. Using this data, we determine the most suitable smile for our patient’s face digitally. Before the treatment, in the rooms specially designed for our patients in our clinic, we show our patients all the details, from how our patients will look after the treatment, to which shade of white will be better, and we make a joint decision. We transfer the decision made to our laboratory digitally. With the zirconium crowns obtained in a very short time, our patients spend their holidays in the unique nature of Antalya and return to their country with the aesthetic smiles that Laura Dental Center gained to them.

What is Zirconium?

It is a tissue-friendly white ceramic alloy used instead of grey metal as the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and crowning. Zirconium is often preferred in dentistry for a more aesthetic smile. It offers a more natural and realistic appearance compared to metal-supported porcelain veneers. It is the closest treatment alternative to natural teeth with its light transmittance and durability. It is also called zirconium crown, zirconium tooth.

Where is Zirconium Crown Used?

  • For aesthetic purposes,
  • In advanced colouration that cannot be treated with methods such as dental bleaching,
  • In the treatment of hereditary structure discolouration,
  • In treatments of discrete or less crooked and turned teeth such as diastema where orthodontic treatment is not preferred,
  • In restorations of old filled and discoloured teeth with excessive substance loss,
  • As a bridge or veneer on posterior teeth,
  • For regulate anterior group implant prosthetics and smile aesthetics.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Teeth in Terms of Aesthetics?

Thanks to its light transmittance feature, the image of natural teeth is fully done. The enamel of healthy teeth transmits light completely. Metals, which are the substructures of classical porcelain veneers, create an opaque appearance on the teeth. This causes the teeth to look lifeless and artificial. This is prevented with zirconium.

How is Zirconium Crown Used in Smile Makeover?

When smiling, the level of the gingiva and their symmetrical appearance are as important as the appearance of the teeth. At this point, it may be necessary to intervene in the gingiva, preferably with a laser. The relationship between factors such as lip level, length of teeth, gingival level, tooth colour, tooth alignment, the harmony of lips and teeth when we laugh, and the laugh line have great importance in aesthetic smile makeover. Spectacular aesthetic results are obtained with zirconium veneers and smile makeover.

How Much Substance Will be Lost in My Teeth During the Procedure?

The substance loss is the same as metal-supported porcelain veneers. It is trimmed 1 or 2 mm from your normal tooth surface. Trimming operations are performed under local anaesthesia, and then a temporary tooth-coloured crown is applied to prevent tingling in hot and cold temperatures. A slight tingling is seen in very few of the patients, and the treatment is completed without any problems in general.

How Long Does This Treatment Take?

In patients with healthy gingiva, it is completed within 1 week and in a total of 3 sessions. According to the patients, a few more rehearsals can be performed until both the dentist and the patient are satisfied.

What is the Life Cycle and Warranty Coverage of These Treatments?

When the usage conditions of zirconium veneers are followed, the average life cycle in a well-cared mouth varies between 15 or 20 years. At the end of this period, the veneers do not deteriorate, but anatomically become incompatible due to old age and gingival recession. When the veneers need to be changed, any damages on the underlying teeth are repaired and the veneers are renewed in accordance with the existing gingiva. Although the warranty period varies between clinics, the average given time is 5 years. In this process, the clinics change the crowning free of charge in case of problems experienced in the crowning. Be sure to comply with the terms of use and warranty coverage specified at the beginning of the treatment.

Is It Common for the Zirconium Crown to Break or Fall Off?

Fractures and cracking may occur in reverse and excessive force, but this probability is the same with solid tooth. It can be repaired to a large extent in the clinics. If the tooth under the veneer starts to decay over time and loss of material occurs, it may fall out. In such cases, the tooth is treated if possible and the veneer is adhered again.

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