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What are Inlay – Onlay Fillings How They Are Placed, The Advantages of Them

What are Inlay – Onlay Fillings How They Are Placed, The Advantages of Them

Filling is a technique used to treat tooth decay. When a patient visits the clinic, fillings are placed immediately in the patient’s mouth. The benefit of this procedure is that it does not waste time, and the process is usually done in a single session. Fillings created outside the mouth and attached when the patient arrives at the clinic give superior outcomes in some circumstances. This procedure is known as onlay-inlay.

The procedure for placing an onlay begins with cleaning and measuring the patient’s decaying tooth. The decaying tooth is cleaned and temporarily filled with an easily removable filling material. The imprint is used to build a mold of the decaying tooth, and the technician uses composite, porcelain, or gold to construct a filling form on this mold. The type of material used is determined by parameters such as the size of the caries, its appearance in the mouth, and the location of the filling. Following the production of the onlay, the patient is scheduled for an appointment and the restoration is attached.

What Are Inlay – Onlay Fillings?

In severe dental caries, inlay-onlay porcelain fillings are employed as an alternate therapeutic option. Inlay and onlay porcelain fillings, which are custom-made in the lab, are applied to the caries-free region, ensuring close anatomical harmony with the tooth structure.

Standard fillings are preferable for mild damage, however in severely damaged teeth, they are inadequate. Inlay-onlay fillings are better for preventing tooth loss and protecting tooth tissue. It is favored both cosmetically and for protecting the tooth’s function.

Inlay fillings are chosen when just one surface of the tooth is affected; the tooth structure is reinforced by entirely sealing the gap in the tooth. Onlay filling is utilized when the tooth is injured on both the top and the sides. Both gaps are filled, and the tooth structure is reinforced.

How Are Inlay Onlay Porcelain Fillings Placed?

The procedure of inlay-onlay porcelain filling is identical to that of crown coating, however there is no need to mold the tooth structure as with crown coating. First, the patient’s mouth and teeth are evaluated, then the caries are cleansed by anesthetizing the tooth’s perimeter with caries, and finally, the inlay or onlay porcelain filling is made in the laboratory by modeling the cavities developed on the tooth surface with technical instruments. Temporary fillings are applied to patients until the manufacture of the fillings is done, after which inlay or onlay porcelain fillings are applied to the patient. It is critical in inlay – onlay porcelain fillings to protect natural tooth structure while still providing an appealing look.

What Are The Advantages Of Inlay – Onlay Filling?

  • Inlay and onlay fillings are created in a laboratory and are compatible with your teeth.
  • It has a very minimal chance of discoloration and may be used for many years.
  • Only the injured area of the tooth is treated during the application, leaving the good tooth tissue alone.
  • Porcelain fillings that entirely conform to your teeth reduce the probability of food leakage, hence eliminating the danger of caries.
  • Inlay-onlay porcelain fillings may readily reach places that are difficult to reach with traditional fillings, and excellent results can be produced in damaged areas.
  • Inlay and onlay fillings are long-lasting, with a solid structure that lasts for many years.

Inlay – Onlay Fillings Treatment in Turkey

Individuals who want to have inlay – onlay fillings treatment in our clinic in Turkey should know that they will encounter a very comfortable process. When the individual makes an appointment, our clinic staff first book a room in one of the city’s most luxurious hotels.

The individual arriving at the airport is greeted by the driver in a VIP vehicle and transported to the hotel with his belongings. We recommend that individuals arrive at the hotel 1 day before the appointment date to make them feel more comfortable. At the appointment time, the individual comes to the clinic and meets the dentist and the doctor starts the examination by giving him the necessary information. After the examination, the Inlay – Onlay fillings process is started.

After the treatment sessions are completed, individuals should pay attention to the post-procedure recommendations of their doctors. During this period, individuals can stay as long as they want and travel around Turkey. On the way back to the airport, the driver accompanies the individual in a VIP vehicle.

What is The Price?

There is no standard price as the treatments are planned for the individual. However, all these services are available for only half the price of most countries. You can call our office at any time to get more detailed information about the price and treatment process. Our office contact information is available on the Contact Us page.

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