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Gummy Smile Treatment in Turkey

Gummy Smile Treatment in Turkey

Gummy Smile Treatment in Turkey – Everything You Need To Know About

It is not enough just to have beautiful teeth to make the smile look perfect. At the same time, gums that have a healthy color and shape around the teeth and do not appear overly large are also very important. Individuals who have a gummy smile problem can get the opportunity to have a holiday in Turkey by having their treatments at surprisingly affordable prices. In this content, all the details you need to know about the process will be mentioned.

How is Gummy Smile Treatment Perform?

Gummy smile treatment is planned according to why the person has this problem. For this reason, first of all, necessary tests are applied to determine the cause. Later, the appearance of the gums is reduced by  crown lengthening procedures.

Gummy Smile Treatment by Extending Crown Length – Gingivectomy Operation

A procedure called gigivectomy operation is applied to lengthen the crown. For this, the crown length is extended with an apically shifted flap with or without bone resection.

The purpose of the application is to remove the excess part of the gums that appear during the smile on the front. The shape of the gums is also regulated and an aesthetic form is given. In this way, if there is a problem such as incorrect positioning of the gingiva before the procedure, this problem is also solved.

Since the person is given local anesthesia before the procedure, the individual does not feel pain during gingivectomy. In addition, this application is a completely permanent solution.

Recovery Process After Gingivectomy Operation

Since the effect of the anesthesia has not passed yet, nothing should be eaten or drunk for the first 2 hours. Otherwise, mouth sores may occur.

Extremely hot and extremely cold foods should be avoided on the first day. Very hard foods should be avoided. It will be more correct to reduce the foods with a knife or to feed them with puree, soup-like foods. The treatment area should not be exposed to too much pressure.

Smoking should be avoided in the first week after the operation and alcohol should be avoided for 3-4 weeks. This is very important in terms of both making the recovery period more comfortable and avoiding the risk of developing various complications.

Protective paste is applied to the operation area to make the first days more comfortable. This paste relieves pain, prevents scarring, and helps you talk, eat and drink comfortably. However, the presence of the paste may bother you for the first few hours. Even if you are uncomfortable, you should not try to remove the paste with your tongue or hand, you should not touch it. If it falls or breaks, you can come to the clinic and request it to be put back in.

Since the paste is placed in the operation area, you should not examine the area by lifting the cheeks so that the paste does not fall. After the paste is removed, you can look at the area.

Bleeding for the first few hours is normal. However, if it lasts longer than 4-5 hours, inform your doctor.

In the first days, you should not do sports and avoid heavy physical activities. It is normal to feel tired during this period. Rest is recommended.

While there is paste, you can gently brush the areas outside the operation area. After brushing, you should use the mouthwash recommended by your doctor. After gargling, you should not eat or drink anything for 1 hour, including water.

In the first weeks, you may feel sensitivity in your teeth. In order to prevent this, you should avoid foods and beverages such as acidic foods, coffee, chocolate. After the healing process is over, you can consume it in a controlled way.

Gummy Smile Treatment

The usage area of ​​application in medicine is quite wide. One of these applications is the gummy smile treatment.

If there is too much shortness in the muscles that are moved during the shot, the problem of shortness is eliminated with and the gums of the individual are hidden.

With the help of an injector, the dentist injects into several different points. The wings of the nose, the parts between the lips and the nose are the application areas.

Before the procedure, cream with local anesthetic properties is applied to these areas. In this way, the person does not feel pain during the procedure as in the other procedure.

Healing Process After Gummy Smile Treatment

Application areas should not be touched on the trading day. Make-up should not be applied, and no products should be used other than those prescribed by the doctor. In addition, the face should not be washed with water.

It is not recommended for the individual to lie face down on the first day. Also, sudden head movements should be avoided. Otherwise, the injected may spread to unwanted areas.

Environments such as extremely hot water and steam should be avoided. Your doctor will specify the best time for you to take a shower.

Jaw and lip movements can be continued normally. The individual does not need to restrict himself in terms of movement.

Alcohol should be avoided for a few days. Otherwise, risks such as excessive edema, swelling and bleeding may occur.

It is normal for the area to be red and tender in the first days. These symptoms disappear spontaneously within a few days.

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